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Triple Threat Training offers a variety of services for all ages and walks of life.

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Individual, small group, or team sport-specific training is available for athletes of all ages and level of play.  Our athletic performance sessions include (but are not limited to) strength and conditioning, speed development, energy systems development (conditioning), mobility/flexibility, injury prevention, and anything else needed or requested to maximize athletic potential. Each program is uniquely designed around the needs of the particular sport.



1 on 1 or small group personal training sessions. These sessions are specifically designed and tailored to each individual(s) personal goals.

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These sessions are designed exclusively to improve either speed development, energy systems development (ESD), or a combination of both. Our speed development consists of both linear and multidirectional (agility) components. How much time/effort is put into each will depend on the particular sport in which the athlete(s) participates. The same goes for our ESD. While every sport utilizes a combination of several different types of energy systems, the specific sport being played at the time will determine how much of each is trained within these sessions.



Prone to injury or have some sort of past injury/other ailment keeping you from operating at 100%? Our injury prevention sessions will help to rehab any prior or current late stage injuries in addition to providing you with the strength, mobility, flexibility or anything else needed to prevent this injury from reoccurring and others from occurring in the first place.

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Enjoy your own gym but don't have a consistent routine to follow? 
Our remote training programs vary from more general plans to those that are customized specifically to your goals/needs. We offer a multitude of options in these plans to cover just about anything want might want in a program! These different options can be seen over on the "PLANS" page of our site.  

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Need help cleaning up your diet but not sure where to begin? Our nutritional guidance and consultation service will get you back on the right track! Our very own nutritionist will evaluate your current eating habits, make suggestions on any potential alterations in diet, and answer any other nutrition-based questions you may have. 

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These particular sessions are specifically designed to enhance flexibility of varying musculature in addition to improving mobility of a number of different joints. Those individuals that tend to be more tight/immobile may benefit from a few of these shorter duration sessions to attain at least a sufficient level of mobility/flexibility in an attempt to move more efficiently and ward off potential injuries.

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           Recovery-Based Sessions


Feeling tired/sore from from your last game, meet, training session, etc.? Our recovery sessions consist of 30-60 minutes of a combination of light weight training, mobility, flexibility, soft tissue work, and any other movement necessary to aid in the recovery process and get you back ready to compete at 100% as soon as possible.



One of very own performance physical therapists (PT) or other certified movement specialists will perform a functional movement screening (FMS) to assess the participant's movement efficiency. If one is tight, weak, or simply does not know how to properly engage certain musculature well enough, this may impact how they move and in turn their susceptibility to injury. Upon completion, the PT will take the recently attained results and suggest some next steps as to where to go from there from a training standpoint.



Looking to challenge yourself with a strenuous workout that'll get you back into shape in a heartbeat? Our adult fitness classes and boot camps get after it in an hour of exhausting yet rewarding exercise. These sessions tend to consist of a combination of circuit style cardio, strength training, and anything else needed to get you a good sweat! 



We offer several different options of gym memberships here at TTT. Each of these allow one access to all the equipment and several other amenities at our gym. 

           GYM CLASSES


Online Learning Student Gym Class

Kids at home for online learning this semester/year and lacking some sort of      daily physical activity like the school PE class would normally provide? We          now offer our own version of the traditional PE class here at TTT for those          unable to keep active throughout the day. These classes will run for 1 hour        and have the option to drop-in or enroll in the entire semester.


Homeschool Gym Class

Do your homeschool kids lack adequate amounts of physical activity social          interaction with other kids during the day? These homeschool gym classes          provide both in order to supply each student with a fun and productive way to    get active! These classes will also run for 1 hour and have the option to drop-    in or enroll in the entire semester.

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Periodically, we will offer different camps/classes of numerous varieties. In the past, we have put on speed/agility camps, sport-specific camps, athletic performance classes (APC), youth speed/strength classes (YSS), and more. If you have any questions on whether or not any specific camps/classes may be offered currently or in the near future, please contact us for more information!

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