Triple Threat Training offers a variety of services for young athletes and adults to gain valuable fitness training. 



A trainer will design a specialized program based on personal goals.


Sport-specific training is available for any athlete.  We develop a program with skill workouts and strength training based on the needs of each sport.  Athletes in the sport specific training program are serious about becoming the most efficient athlete that they can be.



Our trainers work with all of our athletes in order to improve their speed and agility.  Our trainers have the most up-to-date knowledge on speed, agility, and quickness drills, which can result in improvements in speed-and-agility after just a few weeks of training. 

           TEAM TRAINING


In our team fitness program our athletes are challenged to become one unit, one body, one team that functions at its greatest capacity when each member understands their value to the rest of the members.  We use the body as an example because like a team, it has many parts and members.  One player doesn’t make a team just like one body part doesn’t make a body.  Sessions begin with a team building/bonding exercise and quote/thought of the day to get the mind rolling prior to physical training.  This is followed by athletes challenging each other through the use of the National Academy of Sport’s Medicine’s (NASM) optimal performance training (OPT) model.  We develop the complete athlete through stabilization movements, strength movements, and power movements.  Stabilization training is used to increase the athlete’s neuromuscular efficiency (coordination, reaction time).  The strength training is used for the athlete to gain muscular endurance as well as muscle development.  The power training gives the athletes that extra edge on their opponent by developing quicker first steps and explosiveness.



Strength-and-conditioning training is offered by all of our trainers.  Training includes all of the phases of the OPT Model for athletes looking to gain balance, endurance, strength, and power for their respective sports.


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