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Come check out our facility located in All Seasons Sports Academy at 801 Elkton Blvd., Elkton, MD


We are a fitness training company that strives to train athletes in 3 ways (our triple threat), spiritually – the soul, mentally – the mind, and physically – the body.  We believe an athlete needs all 3 in order to perform at their very best on and off the field.

In our team fitness program our athletes are challenged to become one unit, one body, one team that functions at its greatest capacity when each member understands their value to the rest of the members.  We use the body as an example because like a team, it has many parts and members.  One player doesn’t make a team just like one body part doesn’t make a body.  It is impossible for an ear to see something because that’s not its job.  Its job is to hear.  The same goes for sport.  A lineman doesn’t throw touchdown passes because that’s not his job. That is the quarterback’s job.  But the ear is just as important as the eye and the lineman is just as important as the quarterback.  They were each designed for a purpose and in order for the body and the team to reach its full potential each member needs to perform at its best.

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