The OPT Model, or optimum performance training model, is the NASM's way of describing how one should progress as they get in shape.  The first phase, the stabilization endurance phase, is where most people should and will begin.  The main focus of this phase of training is to increase muscle endurance and stability while developing optimal neuromuscular efficiency (coordination).  The goals of stabilization endurance training are to improve muscular endurance, enhance joint stability, increase flexibility, enhance control of posture, and improve neuromuscular efficiency.  The strategies for achieving these goals are training in unstable, yet controllable environments, and using little to no weight with high repetitions.  This phase consists of a lot of balance and stabilization training.  What that simply means is getting the movements and form down for workouts that will add weights in the future.  This benefits both the health and fitness professional as well as the client on how to gage the workouts down the line.


The second phase is the strength endurance phase.  The strength endurance phase is where the client will progress to once the health and fitness professional feels that the client has achieved all that they can in the stablization endurance phase.  This phase will consist of more weight training while still focusing on form and movement rather than an excessive amount of weight.  The idea of this is to be able to lift for longer rather than to lift the most amount of weight possible.  Some beginner clients may be able to start in this phase after the health and fitness professional has completed the fitness assesments tests on the first day of training.


The third phase of training is the hypertrophy phase.  The hypertrophy phase is for clients who are looking to get stronger and add size to their frame.  This phase will consist of working out all parts of the body using heavier weights and less repititions.  Doing less reps with more weight allows for the clients muscles to grow and expand as they are pushed to the limit.  The benefit of this phase of training is that it allows clients to begin getting used to the idea of heavier weight and less repititions as they move closer to the fourth phase of the OPT Model which is the maximal strength phase.


The maximal strength phase is where the client begins to try and lift their 1 rep maximum.  Once the client has worked out in the hypertrophy phase of training they usually have built up enough strength to try their "max."  A clients max is the most amount of weight that he or she can lift 1 reptition without failure on the way up and down of the lift.  This phase of the OPT Model is not for everyone and many clients will not reach this phase of training simply because it is not what they are looking for.  This phase is geared more towards competitive athletes.  The benefits of the phase are that if a client has reached this phase they already have the form and movements of a workout down and are simply in a hypertrophy phase that goes to reach the clients maximal strength.


The final phase of the OPT Model is the power phase.  The power phase of the OPT Model is the phase in which the client performs an exercise at his or her fastest, most efficient rate.  Like the maximal strength and hypertrophy phases, the power phase will not be for all clients.  This phase is more for athletes that need power such as baseball players swinging a bat or hockey players swinging their stick.  The benefit of the power phase is that it practices that explosiveness.  Being explosive is one of the best attributes an athlete can have.  Coaches love players that can explode to the rim in basketball or explode through the blockers out of the back field in football.  Training in the power phase is what is going to make someone an explosive athlete.


This sample stabilization workout is great for a new client who is just beginning to work out for the first time (or the first time in a long time)! Here at Triple Threat Training we feel this is a good workout because having the ability to master these exercises is the key to an individuals success.  We believe it is our job to prepare the body for the road ahead and beginning with this stabilization workout is a great way to get us where we want to be.


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